A Top Contender: Life in the Gutter: YouTube Entomology

“Life in the Gutter” is one of the top three contenders in the “Open” category of the 2012 Entomology Society of America’s YouTube “Your Entomology” contest. Creator Marty Lewis says of his video’s concept:

“A gutter is standardly defined as any man-made or natural formation that channels water. To the streetwise, “the gutter” can also be defined as the harsh living conditions in dilapidated and subverted city communities. In either term’s case, the types of life found within the gutter are influenced by the conditions from urbanization surrounding the gutter.”

The video contains a back beat as the creator walks us through various Long Beach gutters from the pristine to the heavily tainted and proves that life can thrive anywhere. It is heartwarming because in the worst of times we all seem to forget where we started or how far we have come. Sometimes life feels like a gutter; it seems as if we are stuck in a rut and nothing good can come from our condition. Something like this proves that the strong can survive in the worst of circumstances.

The insect life in these gutters is so much smaller than you and I, yet they find a way to make it. If they have this built in intuition or nature geared for survival then how much more do we have? Their brains are miniscule and in the case of some of the gutter life, non-existent. Algae and microbes thrive and provide food for larger insects and larvae. The circle of life, in miniature, is viewed here. This microcosm represents what our society has become. The weak made the worst of the gutters habitable for the strong… Who then is the stronger one, the builder or the user?

Okay so enough of my philosophy; watch the video and see what you think of it. I warn that there is a single cuss word, commonly used, at the end which has been bleeped. It was said and left in for its effectiveness, and bleeped so it could be viewed by all age groups on YouTube.

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