Commercial Termite Control in Tempe AZ

The termite professionals at Termite Control Arizona have years of experience in treating a wide range of commercial structures to include warehouses, medical facilities and multiplex office buildings.  No matter the type of business being operated out of your commercial structure, the termite professionals at Termite Control Arizona have the skills, training and experience necessary to ensure that your business operations are not interrupted, and your building remains free of further costly structural damage due to termite infestations.  Commercial buildings are unique in that infestations can move quickly from one building to the next with little advanced notification, and are known to also feast on expensive landscaping materials including grass, plants, mulch and trees.


Commercial termite prevention and control services vary drastically from most home or residential termite prevention and control measures.  Due to the nature of commercial businesses, most commercial buildings require that the ground be pre-treated for termites prior to the foundation being poured.  The reasons for this pretreatment vary by building, although common reasons include a requirement in the building code, a builder requirement, or a prevention tactic implemented by the tenant in order to protect costly equipment or other cellose based materials inside the structure.  Unfortunately even when the ground is pre-treated for termites, there is a possibility of future infestation, especially if there is a problem in the area.  The methods used to control termite infestations in commercial buildings are similar to those methods used in residential settings.  Due to different construction of commercial grade buildings, a consultation between the building owner and termite professional is critical to ensure the most effective outcome.


Termite infestations in commercial buildings can pose an entirely different set of concerns from residential structures.  Depending on what the structure is being used for, risking crucial business for termite extradition is frequently out of the question for most business owners.  Due to some termite control services being disruptive or intrusive to services being conducted within the bounds of the infected commercial building, termite extradition and elimination services frequently need to be completed during non-business hours.  After a free consultation with a termite professional from Termite Control Arizona, your options regarding types of treatment, as well as availability for services will be discussed at length with our treatment team.  The termite professionals at Termite Control Arizona are experienced in termite control services in commercial settings, and our first priority is to ensuring that our costumers are fully satisfied after every visit.