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Buying a home is a major investment. The last thing you want is to have to spend additional money to remove termites from your new home. So before you sign the final papers you’ll want to understand the condition of your home – purchasing a termite inspection should be part of that.

First Step: A Termite Inspection

A termite inspection will help you to understand if the home currently has, or has ever had an infestation. An inspection will also determine any current or previously caused termite damage. An inspector will provide a report detailing signs of past or current infestation that were visible on the day of the inspection. This will provide you with awareness of points that might be liable in the future. If infestation or damage is found the buyer of the home should obtain estimates for the treatment and repair that they can use in negotiations with the home seller. It’s a small investment that will provide you with pertinent information.

All Types of Homes Need an Inspection

It might be shocking that brick and mason homes can have termites too – but they have wooden components such as framing and flooring, and not to mention furniture. Newer homes can be susceptible to infestation and damage as well – termites go for wood in newly built homes just as easily as they go for wood in older homes. You might want to ask the seller if the home has received a termite pretreatment. Oftentimes newer homes are built with termite-resistant wood or may be treated to prevent infestation.Your real estate agent might also suggest an inspection, especially in areas that are prone to termite infestations.

Request Your Home’s Infestation History

Buyers can also request a history of infestations for the home. In some states it’s already required that sellers disclose the home’s history of termite infestation and damage. Termite warranties may also transfer with the house.

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