Budget Cuts:

The Cuts You Can’t Afford to Make


With budget cuts in the news and the commercials, I can’t help but remember the times I debated on household budget cuts. Home- ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities. Aside from the mortgage, homeowners must pay for mortgage insurance, budget for property taxes, and carry homeowners insurance. These cannot be cut, even if the item in your budget seems ridiculous.

Then you must do maintenance on your home. Homeowners are expected to figure maintenance into their budgets, but maintenance is often a surprise. No one expects the hot water heater to stop working; no one expects a plumbing leak. Incorporating a little fund for these surprises is usually the last thing on your mind.

When you first buy your home the law states that you must have an inspection, which should include a termite inspection. The pest control part of the inspection is not mandatory in all states. Just ask a homeowner who finds termite damage after buying their home, and they’ll tell you. Pest Control in Gilbert can help; if you are without a contract and need a free termite inspection or you simply want to compare contract prices.

If your state required a termite inspection then it usually includes a termite bond. The bond will remain in effect as long as you have a contract with a pest control company and get the termite inspection annually. Should you fail to comply and keep up with your contract then your termite bond is worthless.

Part of the home purchase process is making sure that the home will last; you pay for these inspections to protect your investment. Budget cuts are about deciding what is most important to you. The safety of your investment should be a top priority.

There are a lot of things you can do to pay for this small portion of your budget . Offsetting the cost may be as simple as checking for local coupons before going out to dinner with your family. Remember that the cost of getting rid of the termites is covered as long as your contract is intact and you comply with the rules. If you decide to cut your pest control contract from your budget, then  you will be responsible for the cost of termite removal and repair. The benefit of keeping your contract far outweighs the cost of keeping it.


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