Tempe Termites

A termites main source of nutrition is from cellulose found by consuming wood. This is beneficial to the environment if the termites are eating a fallen tree or a decaying stump. Unfortunately, if there are no fallen trees, termites will often turn to another source of cellulose – the wood in your home.

There’s Hope for Termite Resistance!

Every year, termites causes thousands of dollars in damage, forcing homeowners to spend millions of dollars to treat the termites and repair their homes. But luckily, new ways, developed by scientists and builders, have been developed to help prevent termites from attacking homes.

Termite Resistant Wood

Several types of wood have been discovered to be naturally resistant to termite attack. While cedar and redwood are common woods resistant to termites, they may be too expensive to be used for every portion of home construction. But there is specially treated lumber available. Often called “pressure-treated lumber,” this lumber has been created with a preservative that makes the lumber resistant to termites as well as decay. It is often used in portions of a new home, as well as for decks and other outdoor construction projects.

Pressure-Treated Lumber Required

Pressure–treated lumber is often required by building codes to be used wherever wood will be in contact the soil. Building codes also usually require the pressure treated wood to be used for any installations that are below ground. Experts often recommend that a sealer is applied to treated lumber if the lumber is going to be exposed to the weather. Over time water removes the preservative from the lumber and can leave it vulnerable to termites.

Tempe Termites

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