Can We Stop the Political Pests?

Termite Control in Government:



It’s been going on for a while now. The bloggers are using termites to represent the political problems that plague our government; this analogy is used all over the world. I read another article because it reminded me something my grandmother used to say “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” This one said “The faster I run, the behinder I get” so it attracted my attention. I wanted to know what the blogger had to say about termites.

I know that as a homeowner it seems like every time you get ahead there’s a problem that needs attention, whether it’s maintenance or a major home repair. I’ve been experiencing that problem for years. Every time I save any money then something happens; if I make extra money, something increases one of my bills.

The blog in question was interesting because there were quotes from after the stock market crash; not ours but the one that happened in the 20’s that caused the great depression. Apparently the people were upset with the government for not warning them about the problem that was coming. This sounds familiar to me. Then there were quotes from Will Rogers that claim, any man can earn enough to support his family, just not enough to support the government too. Well isn’t that the truth? Will Rogers’ suggestion was that the government should live as cheaply as we do. I recalled an idea about basing their income on the median income of their constituents; wouldn’t that be a hoot? Watching the President and the senators and congressmen live on what we make would make a great reality series.

In the end the argument was that allowing unknown termites to eat up our economy was the same as not protecting our homes with regular inspections. Seems like Washington is overdue for their “termite” inspection doesn’t it? The blogger went on to say that, knowing there are termites in your house without getting the proper termite treatment is just as bad as not knowing the termites are there. Maybe that’s worse. This isn’t a partisan issue, it’s bi-partisan, and both sides are ignoring the problem because of their differences. We’ve hired the “professionals” who have promised to fix it, but they aren’t treating the real problems.

Thank goodness we have options for our own homes, and termite treatment in Phoenix is up to the task. A free termite inspection is the first step to protecting your biggest investment, your home. Maybe when we get our houses in order we should send some of these guys to Washington to root out termites and protect our economy from further inflation by using the proper treatment for the termite problem.


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