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While you might not see blatant evidence of termites, you shouldn’t choose to remain ignorant of it. Saggy floors, mud tunnels on walls – interior and exterior- and holes in woodwork are first indicators of infestations, but you might want to take further steps to investigate.

Using a Screwdriver

Take a screwdriver, as well as a flashlight, with you when you investigate your basement and crawl spaces. You’ll want to take on foundation beams and any other structural wood, in order to assess hollowness. A screwdriver can also help you assess this. Push the screwdriver into the wood to test for strength – if it breaks apart easily, you might have a termite problem.

Termite Waste

Keep your eye out for termite waste – also known as “frass,”while you’re performing your investigation. The frass is wood colored, or dark brown. It looks like small pellets. If you see anything that resembles frass near weakened wood you might have a termite problem.

Termite Control Specialist

If you determine you have a termite infestation call a termite control specialist immediately. They will be able to do a full assessment of your home in order to determine the amount of damage and what will be required to rid your home of termites. Even if you do not find any evidence, that doesn’t mean your home is termite free. A yearly termite inspection should be done in order to completely ensure your home is termite free. A termite inspector can also provide treatments for keeping your house termite free in the future. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to call, even if you have not found any signs of termites – they aren’t called the “silent destroyer” for nothing!


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