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While there are some DIY tricks to getting rid of termites, it’s always recommended that you contact a professional termite exterminator.  A professional exterminator is the only to ensure your termite infestation is completely controlled and removed. That being said, here is a small treatment you can try on your own.

DIY Termite Treatment

Identify where the termites are on you property – you’ll want to take a close look around the foundation of your home, as well as any crawl spaces, or points of entry. Next, purchase boric acid – this can be found in hardware stores. Next, sprinkle the boric acid on a scrap piece of wood and bury it in the ground, next to the location of the termites. Do the same treatment for all the termite locations you have identified.

Follow Up

Every few days check on the buried wood. You’ll be looking to see how much of the wood hs been chewed up. Keep treating the wood with boric acid until it has disappeared. This is good news – that means the termites are consuming it and taking it back to the colony where it will be shared.

Important Safety Precautions

The best method to handle termites – in order to ensure the safety of your family and pets – is to call your local termite exterminator to perform a termite inspection. They will not only be able to determine what type of termite infestation you have – either subterranean or dry wood, but they will also recommend the best method of treatment for that termite.


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