Do you suspect termite infestation in your home? Call your local pest control Tempe immediately for this is a pest that can reduce your home to dust – literally.  As you will learn from these professionals, there are TWO major methods to take care of the termite menace, i.e. (1) chemical treatment and (2) green treatment. Which treatment is the best?


Which Treatment Is Most Effective?

To answer this question, you need to look closely at the merits and demerits of both chemical and green method. Let us take a look at how these two types of termiticides compare to one another.


Going the Green Way – The Pros

People all over the world are gradually realizing that the environment needs to be protected and nurtured if we want to save our planet from certain destruction. Hence, green pest control Tempe seems to be the best option available to you. Fortunately, there are plenty of organic ways to get rid of termites and they are very effective. Among the pros of this method are:


–      Environment safe – hence, you will not worry about other animals, pets, or plants being affected by the treatment;

–      The organic methods usually do not involve offensive smell chemicals; they are rather fresh smelling and soothing;

–      Can be used long term with excellent results and no side-effects.


The Cons

–      Unless applied and closely monitored by a pest control Tempe professional these methods might not really work as expected;

–      The green pesticides are not always available;

–      They are often very costly.


Is Chemical Extermination the Answer?

If we look at the chemical counterpart, it is easy to see why most people still prefer to chose this method for the extermination process.


The Pros:

–      The chemical pesticides are extremely strong and highly effective. It is guaranteed that the chemical termite treatment would exterminate the menace in your home. However, along with the termites, you will also ensure the death of a wide variety of living organisms such as birds, shrews, and pets.

–      They are easily available.


–      As the pest control Tempe would indicate, the chemical pesticides are cost effective, which prompts people to buy and use it even when they are aware that it would be detrimental to the environment.


–      It affects other pests as well, which makes the extermination of termites a one-size-fits-all method. This is one reason why people love to use the chemical pesticide.


The Cons

–      Chemicals are without a doubt harmful to the environment. The chemical pesticides are toxic and hence affect more than the pests that they are used for.


–      Too broad spectrum – you use pesticides to kill termites and end up killing half (or more) of the helpful insects and other organisms living in your environment.  There is an indirect effect as well – animals who feed on termites are also badly affected since these chemical pesticides are highly toxic.


Looking at the pros and cons of both the pest control Tempe options, it is obvious that wherever possible and available the green way is the best way.

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