First Official Pest Control Artwork:

Grand Theft Auto V



Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V
Pest Control

“Rockstar Games” keeps sending out teasers for “Grand Theft Auto V”: and the latest is the Pest Control artwork. Pest control isn’t a new concept in GTA. There’s a mission called Pest Control in GTA IV. The new artwork has the hit men showing up dressed as exterminators. That is new; but that was alluded to in the trailer released last April. The first artwork was released in August and the fans were all over it, posting the pictures on blogs and social sites for everyone to see.

One thing that can be said for Grand Theft Auto; the creators know how to build up a demand for the game. By releasing little teasers over the course of the year, Rockstar makes sure that GTA stays on the minds of the players. There are just a few names that can get the gaming community running for the store to put down their prerelease cash. Usually the prerelease purchases are available a month or two before the game actually comes out. This game will probably come out before Christmas; the Game Informer Magazine has slated the game for a December cover story which will come out in November.

Grand Theft Auto has a bad reputation because it’s not for kids, so guess who is always trying to get their hands on the game? Kids want to play Grand Theft Auto, and that furor is not going to die down any time soon. Some kids whose dad plays will get ahold of it and share it with their friends, but there’s no getting around that. Who wouldn’t want to play a game where you score for being rude and breaking the law by stealing cars?

So, let’s get back to the trailer and the artwork. The trailer is very lifelike and watching it makes you feel as though game play would be like being part of a virtual movie. The artwork tells a different story. It’s as much like animation as the previous versions were. It’s also obvious that these guys aren’t looking for termites; they don’t have the right equipment.

Don’t expect your local pest control professionals to look like the GTA V pest control crew. The odds of them wearing orange and coming in with gas masks on are slim. Termites in Scottsdale won’t require the heavy artillery that these guys carry either. You have nothing to fear when you ask for your free termite inspection except that you may have to pause your video game.



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