How We Change the World:

One Book and One Viewpoint at a Time



I always like to learn something every day, and when I do I like to share it with you. Today I learned a lot about environmental protection and the pioneers in the field. I also learned about Rachel Carson and why her book “Silent Spring” has changed the way we look at our changing world.

I wish I’d read this book when I was young because I am just a year older than “Silent Spring” which turns fifty this year. I had the opportunity to read through some of it today and I was amazed at this quiet storm that has been brewing my whole life without me knowing the source.

In “Silent Spring” Rachel Carson creates the image of an idyllic town where all of nature works together with humans as the quiet watcher from the sidelines. She paints the picture of a fresh place where apples can be plucked from the trees, and berries from the fields. They can be eaten right there off the branch or the vine. The birds sing and the bees buzz and all is right with the world. I remember it, because I grew up there. I also crawled under my grandfather’s porch at the age of six months or so, right into a black widow’s nest.

While her point was being made that we are changing the ecology of the earth by our very presence, she was also talking about sickness and disease. She says that doctors would be stumped and the birds no longer sing. She talks of dust covering the roof like snow and there she is referencing the dual threats of nuclear fallout and the pesticide that was being used in the farmer’s fields, DDT.

Well here we are and the news is filled with scientific evidence that our families are not as healthy as they were a hundred years ago. That’s not true. Long before the atomic bomb and DDT were invented, the Spanish Flu decimated the population of the planet. You couldn’t run or hide from it. The troops who were fighting in World War I died more from the flu than from combat. The people who survived seemed to have one thing in common, apples. Those who had them shared with neighbors who did not, otherwise the death toll would have been much larger. The funny thing is that to this day no one knows what caused the flu or what ended it, it just “was.”

The ills we have now are not because of the pesticides being used in our homes. There is no evidence that a termite treatment in Arizona today will result in sickness to a family member in twenty years or in one who is not born yet. You don’t have to take my word for it, but you don’t have to take anyone else’s either. You can study and learn for yourself. The pests of today that are interfering with our homes are fine with me, in their own environment, just not in mine. I’m not prejudiced against nature; I just don’t want harmful rodents and insects around my family.

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