Integrated Pest Management: Promote Beneficial Insects



Courtesy of University of Arizona

Gardening is a great pastime for those who have the time; unfortunately many home owners must resort to hiring a landscaping company to do the work. The greatest fear is that the money spent on landscaping will be lost to Arizona pests such as aphids.

I have found some great gardening tips to help home owners who garden themselves or hire a landscaper. If you plant the right things then you will attract a host of beneficial insects into your garden and may even be blessed with Hummingbirds who love red and pink roses and help pollinate your flowering plants.

The bugs you want in your garden are lady beetles, which include the spotted lady bug that we are all familiar with, among others. Green Lacewings and Praying Mantis eggs can actually be purchased if you’re in a hurry and already have a garden pest problem. If you are just starting out then there may not be enough pests to sustain the insect predators.  Lacewing larvae eat aphids and the adults feast on the nectar and pollen form your flowering plants. The praying mantis will eat anything, even your beneficial insects so it might be good to show care when introducing them.

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In order for your predators to survive in the garden they must have access to water, so make sure you include a water feature such as a small pond, regulated sprinklers, or a drip irrigation system. In order to prevent household pests it is recommended that your garden is at least two feet from your home and separated by a border of river rock rather than wood mulch.

Planting a garden with beneficial insect rather than chemical controls is the best route towards integrated pest management. Learn to recognize the beneficial insects in all their life stages so that you do not inadvertently harm these creatures. Additional ideas include plantings that repel pests next to those that attract them; the rows can interrupt the pests’ life cycle which is always a good course of management.

Learn more about pests in Gilbert by contacting your pest management professionals. Arizona termite control offers a free termite inspection as a great first step in learning to prevent damaging pests from infesting your home and property.

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