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CIRKIL from Terramera



Terramera specializes in plant based products for biological pest control. Their new market launch has already been available through Target Specialty Products in California because of a “soft-market launch” but that doesn’t make this any less “new.”  Now the product is available for order by pest control distributors and Terramera wants to make sure that companies are aware that it will soon be available across the US. The EPA approved product is CIRKIL and it reportedly kills bed bugs and their eggs.

More than two hundred pest control management professionals have used CIRKIL already since the soft launch this summer; it has been tested and approved for widespread use. While the new product is not on the cheap side, Terramera claims that the cost is made up in effectiveness and ease of use.

CIRKIL is effective against spiders and bed bugs through contact, vapor and residual action. The plant based product is powerful for all stages of the insect’s life cycle. The key is always breaking the cycle, and that is where other products fail and require a second application.

Terramera reports there could be an international market for their CIRKIL product because of the multiple bed bug outbreaks that have been reported worldwide. The company hopes to work with international distributors to get CIRKIL into as many countries as possible.

This is the first bio-pesticide that has proven effective in killing the bed bugs as well as the eggs. It is available in a concentrated form and ready to use form. The company claims that the labeling provides more ease of use for pest control professionals. New studies indicate that bed bugs, once thought to be a nuisance pest, now have the potential to become a health hazard. When the bed bugs are allowed to breed unchecked they will feed more often and lay up to three times as many eggs.

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