Lee County Florida:

Honey Bees Take Over a Street Crossing Sign



The street crossing sign is alive with activity on the corner of Alico Road and Treeline Avenue. They may be building a hive but it’s too soon to tell, according to a local beekeeper. He says that if they are not building a hive then they will be gone within 24 hours. The state of Florida used to allow beekeepers to catch and remove the bees but not anymore. Because of the problem with Africanized bees, moving bees is an undertaking for pest control management. This has put a real hurting on the companies that used to take care of the problem, and it takes longer for bees to be removed as the county decides who to call.

Beekeeping is an honorable profession that involves caring for the bee colonies all year round. The bees provide honey that can be sold as well as pollination for farmers. Since the beekeepers keep such good track of the bees and keep control of the queen, these bees never Africanize. The bees that do are from wild hives that get disturbed causing the queen to send out a chemical to signal the bees for protection. The wild Africanized bees attack  anything that moves or makes any noise, trying to protect the queen. “Kept” bees have a routine that is followed and the bees are calmed by their routine, the distance from noise and disturbance, and the natural surroundings.

If you have a problem with bees in Arizona you can contact your local pest control service. Pest management professionals can remove the hive safely without killing the bees and without causing any danger to your family or pets. Termite control in Glendale is available to take care of all of your pest management needs, whether it involves relocation, prevention, or eradicating an infestation.



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