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Termites are members of the order Isoptera. Isoptera means equal wing. This order first appeared on Earth over 250 millions years ago. Termites, and their closest cousins – cockroaches, and mantids – all descend from one common ancestor – a cockroach-like insect that walked amongst dinosaurs.

Helpful Termites

Termites play a major role in the decomposition process in the environment. Protozoa live in the termites’  gut, thus allowing the termite to digest cellulose (plant fibers).  Termites acquire these protozoan through eating other termites’ fecal matter. But without these helpful organisms the termite could not break down the cellulose they love to feast on. This little habit is what causes them to seek out the structural supports in your home. While this is an annoying habit to us, it’s one that helps forests regenerate.

Isoptera Order

Here are some families in the order:

  • Rhinotermitidae – subterranean termites
  • Termopsidae – rottenwood termites
  • Kalotermitidae – dampwood and drywood termites
  • Termitidae – higher termites
  • Hodotermitidae – harvester termites

Pest Control Specialist

Pest control specialists are used to dealing with all these species of termite. The two most commonly found in Arizona are the subterranean and drywood termites. Subterranean termites make their homes underground, whereas drywood termites prefer to make their homes directly in the wood. Since they have different forms of colonies, they also require different forms of control. A termite control specialist will be able to advise you on what the various methods of treatment are based on the type of termite they identify in your home. Even though termites have been around for a long time, you definitely don’t want them staying around too long in your home. The longer they live in your house, the larger the damage.


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