Pest Control Funding:

Blossoming in Canada




The Canadian Federal Government has made the decision to delegate funds to promote the growth of Canadian Flower Growers. The first portion of the $382,000 dollars will go to promote advertisement in new and existing flower markets in the US and around the world. The rest of the fund will be split between pest control for the growers and for research into biological pest control.

The ultimate goal is to reduce the pest population for the nations flower growers, produce bigger blooms that are longer lasting and hardier for shipment, and eventually grow a crop that is more resistant to pests.

It sounds like a tall order, but they want to get the best product to market and onto the shelves of sellers. That’s what keeps an economy growing. You figure out the best ways to produce the best product and then back up the idea. Federal funding has been used to promote economic growth in every country in the world, just as much as it has in the United States. Bigger, better, faster, stronger; I believe those are part of the lyrics to a song, but that’s the basic idea.

Here in the US we hear about stimulus packages and grants but none of us really see the big picture. People talk about the money but they never tell us where it’s going or what it’s doing for us unless the plan is successful. It’s nice to read about the Canadian plan because it is a real plan and the effort as well as success or failure will be seen in years to come.

Pest control in Scottsdale isn’t about the cost of a professional plan of action. Licensed technicians craft a maintenance schedule for you and it is executed only with your full approval. Proven results are not estimated, they’re guaranteed. In a country where we always hear about the money but never actually see the plan, that’s refreshing.


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