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Bangalore facing Record Infestations



One thing that people will always be able to count on is that if there is water and food available, there will be pest control problems. In Bangalore a few months ago there was an increase in garbage which translates now to an increase in rats. Private pest control firms in the area have seen an increase of 100% to 150% in their client base in the past three months. Cockroaches, mosquitoes and rats are the culprits in most of India’s worst pest control cases.

The pest management professionals claim that there are two common ways to treat the problem, trapping and poisoning. In this case that means lacing the mounting garbage with poisons that will kill the rats. Other areas in India have started massive clean-up programs, employing hundreds of workers, to rid the cities of garbage and eradicate the pest populations.

This is not an isolated pest control increase but has been seen worldwide. Rodents are being spotted in hospitals in England and Scotland; grain stores are being examined for rodent infestation because of flooding. The east coast of the US may face similar problems in the wake of Hurricane Sandy as garbage mounted when waste management vehicles were unable to reach areas affected by the storm.

Winter is coming and with it come the seasonal temperature drops that drive pests indoors. Whether they are pigeons in Kansas and Great Britain, or rodents in India and Scotland, pests are looking for safe lodging and a free meal. There are precautions that people must take to avoid infestation of homes and businesses. These are year round concerns that get worse as the cold weather approaches.

Check your home for openings both inside, under your sinks around plumbing, and outside. Seal cracks and conduit entries with steel wool and caulk or concrete sealers. Check for and eliminate any water leaks; water is one of the biggest culprits that attract infestations. Make sure that your garbage cans are solid, with no holes and tightly seal lids. If there is no food and no water for the pests to consume, there is no reason for them to take shelter in your home. When all else fails and you do find pests or evidence of pests, contact your local pest management professional. Termite treatments in Scottsdale are just one of the many service options available from Arizona pest control agencies.


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