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Tempe Bird Abatement Program


Many people think of birds as free flying creatures that lovingly build their nests and raise their young. Birds chirping in the trees heralds many a beautiful morning in the south. Unfortunately some birds are now considered pests and go unprotected, people can shoot them or poison them and it doesn’t matter to anyone; in some places it’s even welcomed.

Birds become pests when they begin to do damage, carry disease, and appear in large numbers. Many US cities are trying to find the best way to keep pigeons, sparrows and starlings from roosting in their communities because there are so many that they have become more than a nuisance. The birds have become a hazard because there are not enough natural predators to keep their numbers in check.

Arizona State University reports that a three year bird abatement program for Mill Avenue has met with great success. They have used an integrated approach of predator release, birth control to keep eggs from being fertilized, and lasers to disturb the birds before they roost. The result is good business for shop owners who can now leave windows open and pedestrians who can walk the streets unmolested. Cars that were once covered with bird droppings after a day parked under a tree are now clean and clear. Cleaning the bird droppings from the sidewalks and parking areas is no longer a horrendous chore. The risk of respiratory diseases brought on by large bird populations is greatly diminished.

Other cities could follow the model set out by the Downtown Tempe Community bird abatement program. Hannibal, Missouri has been trying to deal with a pigeon problem in the past few months and took a lot of heat from PETA after planning to poison the birds. A court in the U.K. has been plagued by pigeons that got trapped in a dry riser and died there, producing a plague of flies. The court was forced to close down for pest management and clean-up. One city in India has been working on a comprehensive pest clean-up that also included pestilent birds.

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