Tempe Termites

Termites that make their homes in Tempe look for a specific set of environmental criteria to make their nests. Clearing your property of the termites’ greatest temptations is one way to safeguard your house.

Perimeter Search

Start with a perimeter search to make sure your foundation is clear of soil. Since Tempe termites don’t like to deal with the elements they burrow under ground to get into your home. Winds and rain can drive moist soil closer to you foundation, hiding cracks and crevices that allow termites easy entry. Because these can be small cracks and crevices, you’ll want to take a real close look. This also applies to any openings around doors or windows.

Securing the Perimeter

Once you have cleared at least an 18 to 24 inch perimeter surround the foundation with river rock or rubber mulch to help prevent further problems.  Wood mulch will not be suitable, as that’s a number one attraction to termites.

Additional Checks

Check your house, starting with roofs and gutters, to make sure they are clear of debris.  Gutter spout heads should point away from the house and run-off should be directed at a down grade to get it away from the foundation. Clear any wood debris or decaying leaves. You essentially want to remove anything that will be an attractor to termites. Make sure that all stored wood – such as firewood – is stored far away from your house – preferable in a metal shed, or some place where termites cannot access the wood.

Pest Control Specialists Professionals at Tempe Termites are experts when it comes to termite detection, removal treatment, and future protection. Please contact us for your free termite inspection as well as more tips to protect your home from termites.


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