Redlands: Priest Blesses All Creatures:

Even Termites: In the Name of St. Francis


This weekend The Catholic Church generally celebrates The Feast of St. Francis. People who are not Catholic may not know about St. Francis of Assisi, but he is the patron Saint of Animals. Churches offer a blessing on pets, service and farm animals this time of year in his honor. St. Francis of Assisi founded the Franciscan Order of the church. He believed that all creatures of the earth were part of a plan and therefore he blessed them just the same as other Priests would bless people. It was a simpler time; it was the thirteenth century, after all.

People often take their pets to be blessed in the church at this time of year. Trinity Episcopal Church in Redlands, California has an annual service just for this purpose and that takes place tomorrow, October 4th, 2012. The Rector, Fr. David Caffrey will bless individual pets and then they’ll have refreshments. According to a report in Redland’s Daily Facts, Fr. Caffrey has even blessed termites! One year a man brought his colony of termites in a container and requested the blessing. Fr. Caffrey complied without question.

Termites are often kept for research to develop better strategies for keeping them out of homes and commercial properties. It’s hard to imagine anyone keeping a colony as pets. Thinking of that principle, however, people have kept ant farms for years. What child of the 70’s didn’t have sea monkeys, or at least want them? Who would have ever thought rats would be kept as pets? Or snakes? And who can forget the Pet Rock? Termites? I don’t think the trend will catch on, but who knows? Imagine having pet termites and just feeding them your daily newspaper and junk mail. Talk about free food!

So maybe that’s taking it a bit far. I’ve said before that termites are useful in nature, just not in our homes. A free termite inspection should be done once a year, so why not now? Then when you hear about St. Francis, you’ll remember it’s time to check again. I have a feeling that you wouldn’t be happy if you were suddenly “blessed” with termites. If your Gilbert Termite Specialist does find unwanted guests in your house, he will not ask you if you want to keep them as pets.



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