StarCraft Models Match our Termites:

Art Imitating Life



StarCraft Attack versus Ant attack


Apparently StarCraft is based on models of our own insect societies from termites to ants and wasps. To clarify, ants and wasps are related but termites are really more closely related to cockroaches than ants, even though they have a queen and are often called white ants in other countries.

The Zerg in Star Craft are geared towards evolution of their environment and try to take over predators on other planets. Once they have merged or created a parasitic and symbiotic relationship with their host they use a sort of mind control to develop different castes in the society. Here the “Overmind” would represent the queen and the various castes would represent the workers.

The similarities do not stop there. Many of the varied creatures resemble our real life insects and their behaviors do as well. There are wasp like creatures that spray others with acid; insects that commit suicide and cover their enemies, like older termites do. The creatures in the game build like ants, wasps, and termites do. They seek out new territory and forage for food like our own insects and they attack or “rush” the enemy much like angered ants or bees.

This isn’t the only game that uses insects; there are some that require our destruction of insect races, just like our pest control management technicians. It’s ironic to think that yet again, the insects we spend so much time and energy trying to get rid of, keep showing up in video games, whether as a character, an ally or an enemy.

Termite inspections in Glendale are geared toward eliminating these enemies from your property. That way when you decide to play a game, you can enjoy that time, and the artistic renditions; instead of wondering whether you should be engaging the enemy in real life.


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