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It’s that time of year again, when Tempe Termites swarm and find new locations for their nests. The termites in Tempe are looking for a specific set of environmental criteria to make that nest. Ensuring that your property is clear of the termites’ greatest temptations is one way to safeguard your home.


Starting with a perimeter search, make sure that your foundation is clean and clear of soil. Tempe Termites can’t tolerate the elements, so they must burrow under ground to get into your home. Over the winter, winds and rain could have driven moist soil closer to you foundation. This will hid the cracks and crevices that allow termites entry into your house.


After clearing back the soil, check for cracks and crevices that are often caused by a house settling, and expanded by water that seeps in. In the North, that water freezes, making the cracks larger; luckily we don’t have that problem. Seal cracks and crevices, as well as openings around pipes, with steel wool and patch. Silicone, concrete, stucco and plastic wood are all available at the local hardware stores.



Once you have at least an 18 to 24 inch perimeter that is clear, it may be a good idea to surround the foundation with river rock or rubber mulch which will help prevent further problems. Termites are wood eaters, so using a wood mulch will eventually cause a problem; even cedar loses its repellent value after years of exposure to the elements.


Check your house from the top down, starting with the roof and gutters, making sure that they are clear of leaks and debris. Drywood termites and Bark Scorpions often gain entry through the roof. Make sure that your gutter spout heads away from the house; a brick splash block is good. Run-off should be on a down grade to get it away from the foundation.


Clear all wood debris, including fallen and decaying leaves. Arizona Termites are always looking for an easy meal that provides good ground cover. You will never see subterranean termites working a clean yard. Insects sense the debris from underground and are attracted to the moisture and decay.


Pest Management Professionals at Tempe Termites are specialize in termite detection, removal treatment and ongoing protection. You can trust a local family owned company, our technicians live here and know the area as well as the termite problems we face. Please contact us for your free termite inspection and more tips to protect your home from termites and other Arizona pests.


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