Termite Control: A Weight Loss Problem


The holidays are the time when many Americans watch their weight and count calories to avoid those extra pounds from holiday feasting. The world has become increasingly weight conscious in recent years as the “obesity counter” continues to rise. Diet and Exercise continues to be the biggest industry for entrepreneurs because it’s easy to get into. Many times people can just slap a new label on an old idea and sell it again.

Ironically our fear of obesity and all of the associated diseases is such that Americans spend more money on that than just about anything else. There’s actually a Worldometer website that calculates this spending. Over a billion dollars is spent each day on obesity related products, services, and diseases, about a third of that is spent on weight loss programs. With 7 billion people on the planet, more than 1.5 billion are overweight but these numbers are small when compared to termites and other pests.

The weight of the termite population is close to ten times the weight of humans on the earth. It is ironic that only 5 billion dollars is spent per year on termite treatment and the related termite damage, while over 300 billion per year is spent on obesity. Ant populations outrank the human population by about a million to one. It would seem that we would spend more on pest control in the United States than on weight loss but we don’t. Insects and other pests consume approximately one third of the whole grain on the planet so weight gain from holiday feasts should be the last thing on your mind this holiday season. Whole grains are the one thing that scientists all agree overweight people don’t eat enough of, yet if they did, we wouldn’t have enough whole grains due to damaging pests. Termites destroy homes and property which has devastating effects on the world’s economy. Insurance doesn’t cover the costs of termite damage.

Putting all of this into perspective, termite control in Chandler is an economical solution to one of the world’s biggest and growing concerns. Arizona termite control offers a free termite inspection which includes a plan of prevention to safe guard homes from this growing menace. While watching out for the few extra calories you may consume at a holiday feast this year, make sure that your home isn’t a year round feast for termites and damage pests.

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