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The Termite Control Tempe team has noticed that there are new companies springing up across the country claiming to be experts in termite inspections, removal and treatment. There were several lawsuits filed in other states against these companies for such charges as: operating without a license; improper chemical handling; failure to follow termiticide regulations; use of banned chemical treatments and more. The best way to make sure that you are not fooled is to check the agency out before you hire them. Make sure you hire a reputable termite inspector.


Pest management professionals are required to carry a license which will state where they are entitled to practice their trade. Make sure that the company you hire is licensed in the state of Arizona. When the Termite Inspector comes to your house, ask questions about training, experience and the types of infestations the individual has handled. Ask if there are new treatments available, and don’t be afraid to look up the chemicals to make sure they are approved for use in your area.


If your termite inspection turns up evidence of termite infestation, ask the inspector to show you where the damage is and the points of entry. You may wish to follow along on the termite inspection so that you also know where to look for termites and evidence of termite damage.


Check the references of the company if any are available. Ask friends, family, neighbors or co-workers if they have a reputable company to recommend. There is no greater advertisement than a satisfied customer. Don’t be fooled by full page ads or websites that “Look Really Nice” because anyone can buy an ad or have a nice website created for their business.


Termite Control Phoenix offers  free termite inspections to new customers. Don’t be fooled into thinking a free inspection is not a good inspection. Arizona Termite Control  has many offices to serve you, a long track record and trained professionals to help you make the right decision on protection for your home and property.


Don’t hesitate to contact Termite Control Tempe with any questions you may have about pest control, termite inspections, termite treatment and removal or protection barriers. There is nothing more important than protecting your largest investment, your home.


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