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Termite Control Tempe is often alarmed at the rate with which termites destroy homes in other countries. The Guizhou Province in China is undergoing a terrible termite problem that is destroying thousands of homes. Arizona homeowners have more choices when it comes to termite protection and treatment than the people of Guizhou.


Guizhou is a mountain province of China with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous scenery and some of the most amazing structures. The people of Guizhou can trace the history of their Province all the way back to 1046 BCE and the Qin Dynasty. The common language is Southwestern Mandarin, but the food is spicy although not the same as Hunan or Szechuan cuisine. Although the Guizhou Province is the third largest producer of Tobacco in China, the Province is relatively poor and working towards economic growth.



Guiyang Skyline


Termite damages in such a place are all the more hard to bear, as the people have few resources to fight such devastation. Some of the advanced termite treatments are not yet available in Guizhou and those that are available are costly.


Termites damage 4,500 houses in GuizhouZhaoxingDrumTower

Updated: 2013-02-07

By Ou Hailin (chinadaily.com.cn)

Thousands of houses have been damaged by termites in a city of Southwest China’s Guizhou province, China News Service reported on Thursday.
Since July 2012, termites have been rampant in Xingyi city, damaging 4,500 houses and forcing the relocation of more than 1,700 people, according to the province’s civil affairs department.
The termites have caused a direct economic loss of 34 million yuan ($5.45 million) by the end of Feb 6, it said.


Railway Bridge on the Liupanshui–Baiguo Railway in western Guizhou

 The Beipanjiang River Railway Bridge on the Liupanshui–Baiguo Railway in Western Guizhou is the highest railway bridge in the world.


Termite treatments in the United States are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Termite treatments are also regulated by Government agencies in the provinces of China such as Guizhou. Many eastern cities are suffering under the weight of massive termite damages because the chemicals required to fight the infestations have not been approved, or are not available for importation.


Termite Control Gilbert offers a free termite inspection that could save Arizona homeowners thousands of dollars in termite damages. Prevention and early detection are the best protection, especially with termites. Termite treatments and removal are only a portion of the services provided by our licensed pest management professionals.


The pest management professionals at Termite Control Tempe will map out a plan of protection for your home and property. Every home is different and require specific methods to remain termite free and safe from structural damages. Arizona homes are vulnerable to pests because of the dry climate and arid conditions. The biggest draw for termites and other pests is a water supply. If you are doing your annual home inspection, make sure you test for leaks. The easiest way to check for leaks in your home is to make sure all of your taps are off and go check your water meter. If it’s moving, you probably have a leak. Checking for leaks and points of entry are just a couple of ways that  a free termite inspection can help you to protect your property and the value of your home. Please contact us with any questions you may have about termites, treatment, removal and protection.



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