Termite Encounters: Renovations on Older Buildings


Termite inspections are more important than ever in older buildings. These buildings are susceptible to devastation by  insects because it’s common to think that if a building has lasted over a hundred years the termites aren’t interested. Nothing could be further from the truth as they found out when renovating a museum in Tennessee.

The courtyard renovation may have come just in time for The Customs House Museum, in Clarksville, Tennessee. The building has been there since 1898 and a new courtyard had already been constructed on the other side of the building. The renovation is due to drainage issues and is expected to take a month. There was termite damage along that wall of the museum anyway, and so ripping through the trees and vegetation is necessary to get to the root of the problems. The experts that conferred with the museum on the renovation recommended taking the dirt away. The completed courtyard will be moved to take the place of the old one. The new construction will create a beautiful and inviting place, with aboveground planters and ornamental artwork.

Whenever there are drainage problems you run the risk of a termite infestation, as well as all sorts of pests that love water. The plan to place the new plants in large planters is a great idea considering the problems this old building has already encountered. The preservation of our historical landmarks is very important and this is the best way to prevent another termite colony taking hold.

Termites do not care about the age of our buildings. They are as likely to set up a colony in our historical buildings as in newer homes. The only way to prevent termite damage is with early detection. Termite Control Arizona offers a free termite inspection and that is what you need to start protecting your precious home, new or old, today.



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