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Termite damage should always be considered when you are thinking of buying a new home. Buyers should keep their eyes out for these signs: temporary swarms of winged insects, discarded wings, any cracked or bubbling paint, hollow sounding wood when you tap on it, and mud tubes that have formed on exterior walls. You should also consider an initial termite inspection. Here’s a little more information about termite inspections.

Termite Inspection

When a termite inspector does his inspection he or she will look for any signs of current or past damage. He or she will issue a report outlining potential threats for future infestation, such as damp basements, piles of wood, wood to ground contact or fallen trees near the home. Termite inspectors are trained to recognize existing termite infestations and damage as well as any potential threats.


Why an Inspection is Important

These are things that homeowners and real estate agents may not recognize because they are not as well versed as a specially trained inspector. The inspection will help you identify and eliminate an active infestation – thus helping to reduce the risk of future infestation and termite damage to your home.

Who Pays?

The current homeowner should be responsible for eliminating any threats the inspector might find as well as the cost of the initial inspection and any potential treatment which should be backed by a service commitment that includes additional retreatments at no additional charge should a reinfestation occur. Often the termite service agreement will include the company’s promise to pay for future termite damage if it occurs.

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