Termite Prevention:

Methods of Protection:  Barriers or Bait



Throughout the United States and probably the world, professional methods of termite control are recommended. In some countries professional inspections are mandatory. Termite damage is not covered by insurance companies because they believe it is the homeowner’s responsibility to prevent this damage.

Whether you suspect that you have termites or want to make sure you never get them, there are options for you. Finding a reputable firm to do your initial termite inspection in Phoenix is the first step to gaining control and maintaining it. You will be given options of detection and prevention that will include baiting and detection stations around your home, or creating a barrier against infestation with chemical treatments.

In the end, the decision of which method to use is up to you. There are two types of chemical protection that can be placed around your home to create a barrier against infestation. One type of liquid is a repellent that termites won’t cross. This does not kill termites, and it is a chemical treatment that goes directly into your soil. Discuss this option with your licensed professional if you do not have termites. They will make sure you understand how invasive the treatment will be and how cost effective it is in protecting your home.

The other type of liquid will help if you already have subterranean termites. The termites will pick up the poison and share it with the rest of the termite colony, eventually killing them off. This method will take a few months to stop the termite activity in your home.

The next option is baiting the termites. Bait stations are placed around your home filled with a cellulose base material. You have a choice as to whether these stations are bait only, or bait mixed with termiticide. In general the termite professional will use bait only until termite activity is detected. They will then replace the bait with a poison that the workers will carry back to the nest with them.

Remember that the termite’s goal is food to bring back to the queen, soldiers and larvae. If the food is available before they reach your home, then the termites will not invade. This is why the methods described above have a high efficacy. It all starts with your call for a free termite inspection, then following the recommendations made by your licensed professional.




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