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Be Sure You Know who is Inspecting Your Home



I know that times are really tough. Financially the entire country, in fact the world, is aiming toward economic recovery. People who have jobs often complain that they are not making enough money to pay all of their bills. People who are still looking for work will take any job that they can find. Some people have given up and started their own businesses, from handyman services to lawn services, to home repairs. Unfortunately that means you do not know who is inspecting your home and charging you for repairs. That also may mean you don’t know if your termite treatment specialist is actually qualified to do the job.

The internet is filled with companies that have no track record; the complaint boards are filled with sad stories. I just saw an ad placed for a Moisture/Termite inspector, experience preferred but not necessary. Luckily that advertisement was not for an Arizona termite control company; that does not mean that every company has complied with state regulations.

The way that these companies get away with what they are doing is by using chemicals that are approved for “personal” use. You know the stuff that you could buy yourself at your local hardware store. They aren’t a licensed pest control specialist, and the people they hire aren’t licensed either. They may convince you that they are just as good, and they may even advertise that they are cheaper than the leading companies in the area. That’s because they can’t offer you the guarantee that another company can, because they haven’t been approved to use the chemicals required for those assurances.

Termite treatment in Glendale is applied by licensed professionals who have undergone the rigorous education and testing to use the state approved chemical treatments and green treatments in Arizona. You owe it to yourself to have all of your service related needs done by licensed professionals. Don’t accept anything less; protect your investment with a free termite inspection today.




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