Termite Tragedy:

Fiji Homeowner Is Devastated



Mr. Chandra with Termite Nest
Fiji Times

Fiji’s Government operation to contain termites and rebuild homes has run into financial problems and has little to help in some areas. This is no help yet for a homeowner in Lautoka who has pressing termite issues. He said he didn’t know he had termites until his walls started to buckle. Then, as he started to pull the material away he found nests inside his walls. The homeowner complains that the insecticide available is ineffective after a week. The approved chemical, Termidor, which is used by The Biosecurity Authority of Fiji, is not available to everyone.

The homeowner holds a termite nest that was taken from his wall to show how bad his situation is. In Fiji, surveys are taken and the termites are identified at a lab before any help is administered. The BAF has requested more funding to complete the third phase of their program, containment. The laws are strict on termites once treatment and rebuild is approved. The residents aren’t allowed to take any belongings from an infested house without permission. They can be fined if they get caught.

The man says he has already spent $3,500 on repairs and he really needs help. The BAF announced a couple of weeks ago that termite swarms could be attracted away from homes with small fires, and turning off the household lights. This didn’t work according to Mr. Chandra; but looking at the size of the nest it doesn’t seem possible this is done in only a week. He says fire doesn’t attract all of the termites and therefore not all of them were killed. This is the first time his home has been hit by termites.

The branch of the BAF that was responsible for survey and repair was suspended last year. This home either was not infested at that time or the termites went undetected. It’s a good thing that we have an alternative with free termite inspections in Arizona. Pest control in Mesa is ready to take care of any problem pests that plague your home or property.

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