Tempe TermitesHow will you know which termite treatment is the best one for your house and home? It will actually be dependent on what species of termite you are dealing with. The two most common species to Arizona’s hot and dry climate are the Subterranean termite and the Drywood termite.

Termite Treatment Should be Customized

Your treatment should be customized according to the species that is infesting your house. Work closely with a Pest Control Specialist to identify the termite species as well as an appropriate and effective termite treatment plan.

Species:Subterranean – Treatment

Subterranean termites are often treated with a Bait and Monitoring Treatment System. Monitoring stations are installed around the perimeter of your house. These are replaced with bait stations once the presence of termites has been confirmed. The termites take the toxic bait back to the colony, thus controlling the colony.

Repellent and Non-Repellent Termite Termiticide Available

Liquid termiticide is another treatment to rid your house of termites and it comes with two options: Repellent and Non-Repellent. Non-repellent is a fairly new treatment, but just as effective as the older Repellent version. Both forms are able to be used inside and outside your home. They can both also be injected directly into infestations. Repellant products make an area unappealing and drive termites away from the area. A professional soil application is required for this. Non-repellent treatment can not be detected by termites, so they enter the treated area, take the product back to the colony, and then feed the treatment to the rest of the colony. This is what helps to control the colony and the infestation. A professional termite exterminator can help you decide what might be the best option for you.

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