Termites and Technology:  This Might Surprise You


In reporting termite news you would be very surprised at the stories that crop up. It makes my job a little harder but sometimes you run across a piece of news that you just have to talk about.

While homeowners employ the best minds and services in the business to get rid of pesky termites in Chandler, science has gone to the other extreme. Scientists have studied the animal kingdom for years, trying to connect the dots of behavior and genetics. You’ve probably read studies, or at least heard, about the concept of “The Hive Mind.” In this you would have a mastermind at the controls, like a queen bee, and the rest of the hive follows her commands. Many scientists have said that it is the most productive concept of society. No one does what they want; they all do what the “mastermind” wants. We all know that humans will never reach this “productive concept” because we all have a mind of our own.

Enter The Termes Project at Harvard: basing their ideas on the swarm mentality of insects, the Termes project has created Robot Termites. These termites, however, do not destroy property but work as a team to build “structures” and the application of this technology could really change the way projects turn out. The Robot Termites are fed an algorithm that allows them to work as a team without any instruction. They won’t run into each other, and they won’t undo someone else’s work. One of the recommended applications for these bugs is to place sandbags to help avoid flooding.

Imagine one day, after calling an exterminator to get rid of termites in Arizona; you may call an engineer to rent some Robot Termites to protect your home. Fascinating stuff, I’m just not sure that the name will catch on anytime soon.


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