Termites, Ants and Other Little Buggers



It’s getting to be the most wonderful time of the year. The temperatures are getting milder and the long hot days of summer are behind us. It’s getting close to the time when we can open our doors and windows and let in the fresh air, using our air conditioners less often. The electric bill drops a little each month as we ready ourselves for the back to back holidays that come at the end of the year.

This is also the time of year when insects start to get ready for winter weather. The cooler days and nights give these creatures a will to move to warmer climates. Our open doors and windows are an invitation to everything that creeps, leaps, slithers, or crawls.

Ants are usually the first thing you have to worry about. With the holidays coming there’s a scent in the air of sweets and treats. For those of us with children or grandchildren this means crumbs and sticky spots from those little hands. Ants love crumbs and sticky spots. They taste with their feet so when the find themselves walking across something that tastes like food, they send out the call for reinforcements. Ants don’t just go away so if you see them contact Pest Control Gilbert for an appointment to nip this problem in the bud.

Fleas and ticks are another problem. They get on our pets and come inside, moving in for the winter. Your home can be protected from them with regular maintenance. For people who have pets it’s time to make sure our friends with fur are protected too.

Termites love this weather, especially after a good rain, so it’s high time to get out and walk the perimeter of your house. Check for bubbling paint, cracks around foundations and check the seals on all of your windows. Watch for cracks in wood and paint. Tap on the weatherboards to make sure they don’t sound hollow or feel spongy. Check for leaks on your outdoor taps. Water is an invitation for all sorts of creatures.

If you detect anything that seems different or worrisome then call Termite Control Arizona  for a free termite inspection. They can offer protection against all of the other pests your house is prone to this holiday season too.



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