Termites in Africa are Good, Termites in Arizona are not!

Termites in Kenya are actually helpful in their environment.  Researchers in Africa have found that the termite mounds are instrumental in creating lush foliage for herbivores to feast on. Having noticed the large green patches and wondering why they were circular and of similar size, the scientists dug down to find out what was going on. What they found there were thriving termite colonies. The science behind this phenomenon is the higher nitrogen content of the plants on these mounds. Unfortunately people in the United States, termites are far from helpful.

In Arizona, termite control is an ongoing struggle especially with the wide variety of termites indigenous to the state. We don’t have large patches of evidence to indicate a termite colony. Looking for termite treatment in Glendale, residents may be largely unaware of the fact that there may be three different types of termites to look for. Residents who have read that termites swarm in June or July may have a false sense of security when no termites are seen. The trouble with termites is that they may be munching on your home for four years before you ever see them swarm. Different termites swarm at different times of the year. September and October swarms are common as well as swarms in the spring and summer.

Just because you have not seen a termite in or on your home certainly does not mean that you are free from these tiny terrors. Termites are voracious eaters and continue to do damage whether you see them or not. For termite control in Tempe to be effective, termite treatment and prevention are among the steps that must be taken. The best way to safeguard your home is with a regular termite inspection. If you wait until you see termites, then damage has already been done.

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