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Any time is a good time for a termite inspection. And the best part is, it’s free!

Don’t Need Termites for an Inspection

You don’t need to have found evidence of termites for there to be a good reason to have your house inspected. In fact, because termites are so good about keeping themselves hidden, they can cause ample amounts of damage without you even being aware of their presence. So if you haven’t had your yearly termite inspection, it’s time to schedule one!

Inspector’s Checklist

A termite inspector will run down the following list when he or she comes out to inspect your home.

Wood fencing near to your house —  Termites can locate the wood fence and start there. Since it’s a perfect food source for termites, it can serve as a big welcome sign to termites.

Wood mulch that’s within 4 to 6 inches of your foundation — Termites love wood mulch. They not only eat it, but use it as protective cover to get closer to your house. Since they can’t smell wood, when they find it, they just follow the trail to wherever it leads – in this case, it leads right up to your house.

Firewood — Try to store any firewood off the ground and at least 20 feet from your home.

Deadwood — Removed and discard any dead wood around your house.

Wooden structures — Treat any wooden improvements around your home with termite-resistant materials. These structures can include decks, arbors, play-sets, and sheds.

The Report

After a termite inspector reviews your house and the area surrounding it, he or she will generate a termite inspection report that details any  evidence of termites they might have found. The best part is, you’ll know exactly what your next steps will need to be if they do or don’t find evidence of termites. After the inspection you can rest easy – but don’t forget, termites work year-round, so keep your eye out for any warning signs!


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