Residential Termite Control in Tempe AZ

The termite professionals at Termite Control Arizona are experienced in termite prevention and control in a wide variety of residential structures.  Whether you rent or own a home, condo, apartment, duplex or alternative housing structure, Termite Control Arizona has services that can meet your termite related needs.  Housing and residential structures pose a unique vulnerability to termite infestation, due to the increased amount of furniture, and wood related objects such as shelving, desks and dressers commonly present within a residential structure, as well as advanced landscaping related items to include grass, trees, mulch and plants.


There are some in-home remedies that are known to assist with reducing termite populations in residential buildings by cutting off their food supply, and consequent ability to survive.  By fixing all water leaks inside and outside the residence, as well as eliminating any standing water around your residence, you will make it much more difficult for the termites to obtain water, and therefore make survival much more taxing.  Another remedy is to reduce the termite’s ability to obtain nutrients is by removing heavy brush and dead trees, storing excess firewood and lumber, and avoiding using mulch in your landscaping.  The final known in-home remedy is to make entry into your residence difficult for termites by sealing any cracks in your foundation, clearing out gutters, and ensuring that your home is properly ventilated.  By having your home inspected on a regular basis for termites by a termite professional, you can assure early detection, and an experienced termite professional can offer recommendations to help you prevention a future invasion.


Termite infestations in your home are not simply a costly irritant, but they can also pose significant health and safety related concerns to you and your loved ones.  By the time termite infestations are usually noted, extensive damage has already occurred to the residence, putting it’s structural integrity in question.  Ensuring that your home is evaluated and treated by trained termite professionals is paramount, especially when the health and well being of your family is at stake.  While it may be tempting to experiment in termite eradication on your own, it is likely that the infestation has spread too far by the time you have seen signs, and needs to be eradicated with the assistance of an experienced termite professional.  The termite professionals at Termite Control Arizona are experienced with treating all types of residential structures, and are sensitive to the unique needs of residential settings.  Contact Termite Control Arizona today to schedule your free in-home termite inspection.