Termite Control in Tempe AZ

Your home or place of business are some of the most costly investments you’ll make throughout the course of your life.  Protecting these investments is crucial, in order to ensure that your property maintains its equity, and your investment is protected.  Unfortunately, while many property insurance agencies will protect against weather and fire; they do not protect against termite damage.  Termite infestations are unpredictable, as they strike a wide variety of climates, as well as a wide variety of construction types.


Termite Prevention in Tempe AZ

At Termite Control Arizona we provide termite prevention services in order to ensure that your home or place of business remains free of termites, in order to avoid future costly damage.  Prevention services are usually completed on an on-going basis, and are of minimal inconvenience to your family or place of business.  Prevention is always key, and will leave you with the peace of mind that your home or place of business will be free of damaging termites.  Call Termite Control Arizona today for a free in-home or in-office termite prevention estimate.


Termites are pesky creatures, which feed on anything containing wood.  This not only includes key structural components contained in buildings, but also collateral items commonly found around homes and businesses.  Termites frequently destroy structural timbers in buildings to include posts, floor and ceiling supports, sub-floors and wall studs.  Once the damage has surpassed structural supports, termites will then frequently begin to eat drywall, carpet, wall paneling and furniture.  If a termite infestation begins outside, or spreads to the outside of the building, they are frequently known to eat other, non-wood items to include grass, landscaping, mulch, and plants.


Detecting Termite Damage

Detecting termite damage early is critical to ensuring that the risk of repairing termite damage is significantly reduced.  To the nature of termite infestations, damage to the interior of your residence or building may not be completely apparent until the infestation has caused considerable damage to your home or residence.  Signs of internal termite damage appear similar to water damage.  Some visible signs of termite damage include buckling of or swollen floors and ceilings, as well as visible mazes within walls.  Due to termite infestations not being identified until significant damage has already occurred, it is essential that you contact a termite control professional, instead of attempting to remedy the problem on your own.  Contact a termite control professional today at Termite Control Arizona in order to receive your free in-home or in-office inspection.