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Just like your home, your commercial office can fall victim to termite infestations. Luckily, the fumigation process is just the same, and thus requires the same preparation. Here are some tips on getting the office ready to be termite free. 

Clean the Fridge

No one likes to keep the fridge clean at the office – so this might just be the perfect excuse to clean out the refrigerator. There are, without a doubt, things you will want to save, such as coffee, sugar, (non-expired) creamer. If you want to keep these things in the building during fumigation, all you need to do is double-bag them in special Nylofume bags. 

Communication is KEY

Communicate, and over-communicate  to all inhabitants that fumigation will be taking place. Providing instructions that will help ensure the safety of all employees. 

Prepare the Building

You will also need to prepare the building by removing waterproof covers on padding, sofas, chairs, and pillows. Open doors, drawers, cabinets, closets, blinds, and drapes. Remove any animals and interior houseplants. Provide the fumigator with keys to all locked areas of the building. If there is an attached garage, check with the fumigator on if it will need to be emptied prior to the fumigation. 

Once the fumigator has arrived, they will take a close look at the building to make sure that all necessary steps were taken. Once they have completed the fumigation, they will take the necessary steps required to make the building safe for re-entry. You will then need to be responsible for putting your building back together – in terms of bringing in everything that needed to be removed prior to the fumigation.


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