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Often you won’t know you have termites until it’s too late. That’s why early detection is key. Brush up on what to look for, and it just might save you thousands of dollars in the end.

Wood Damage

Wood damage is often a first indication of termites – since termites love to munch on the cellulose found in wood, carpets and paper. But keeping an eye out for just wood damage won’t help you protect your home. Here are other signs to look out for:

Discarded Wings

As discussed in the page about the termite life cycle, when the time for mating comes, alate termites will fly out into the open en masse towards any light source, and then fall to the ground, shedding their wings in the process. If you see discarded wings in your home, it could be that of alate termites.

Mud Tunnels

Subterranean termites build tunnels of soil, wood, feces, and debris that they use to move between their colonies and food sources. These tunnels often appear along the walls of your home, and can also be built inside your home. So if you see these, it might mean termites are using your home as a food source. Heed it as a sign of infestation.


Termites often leave behind droppings, also known as “grass.” Finding this around your home might be a sign of infestation, or a past infestation.

Termite Control Professional

There are various methods to control termite infestations and a trained termite control professional can assess your home and decide what treatment will be best for your specific problem.


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