Tempe Termites

Tempe termites need to meet a certain set of environmental criteria to ensure the safety of their colony. So you’ll want to make sure your property doesn’t meet those requirements.

Perimeter Search

Make sure your home’s foundation is clean and clear of soil. Tempe Termites burrow under ground to get into your home and over the winter months, as well as monsoon season, winds and rain might have washed moist soil closer to you foundation. This soil hides any cracks and crevices that allow termites easy and concealed entry into your house. You’ll want to create a 18 to 24 inch perimeter.

Cracks and Crevices

After you’ve cleared the soil, check for cracks and crevices caused by a house settling, or water that has seeped in.  Seal up any cracks and crevices Also take a closer look at openings around pipes. Close those off with steel wool and patch with silicone, concrete, stucco and plastic wood. All these materials are all available at local hardware stores.

Check Your Foundation

Surround the home’s foundation with river rock or rubber mulch. Avoid using wood mulch – termites love it. And even cedar loses its repellent value after being exposed to the elements for long amounts of time.

Top to Bottom

Start with your homes roof and gutters – ensuring they are clear of leaks and debris. This includes gutter spout heads – make sure they face away from the house – and the run-off should be on a down grade in order to get it away from the foundation. Clear wood debris and fallen and decaying leaves – this is great ground cover for termites to hide in.


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